From our Great Leader

Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated“.

Such masterful insight, understanding and compassion!

people-844209_1920There, but for the grace of God, go I.  (John Bradford)

What is this site about?

We’ll cover some health politics, but mostly we will cover current news relating to lab outreach which, as a former LIS company CTO, is my personal interest. But I can’t ignore the politics. I sincerely wish I could ignore it, but we are being led by ignorant amateurs, with unworthy goals. America is better than its current leadership and I am talking about the entire cabinet, not just our branding-oriented salesman President.

Laboratory results comprise the greater part of a patient record. During Obama’s time as President, labs were given a hard time, because patient results were poorly distributed and replication was rampant. Things are VERY DIFFERENT NOW………

Thanks for our Doctors and healthcare support personnel and facilities.